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The bending machine system
    This large bending machine which specifically applied to the long-distance transportation of crude oil, finished oil ,developed by Bipeline Technology Operation which is the branch of Sinopec Pipeline Storage and Transportation Company in 2002.

  Rocker arm rotating device is a pipe bending machine core component, its action is the heated tube bent to conform to specified requirements the radius, with curved, rotary, reducing function. The device can bending diameter of 219 ~ 762 mm steel pipe, bending radius of 650 ~ 4500 mm, bending, bending radius of many kinds of large variation range. The bending machine is mainly composed of driving device, a guide wheel device, a pressing device, the rocker arm rotating device, clamping device, a base, intermediate frequency power source, hydraulic system,and so on. Rocker arm rotating device is the core component of a pipe bending machine. it makes the heated tube bent to accord to he radius which have with the function of curving, rotary, reducing. The device can bend the steel pipe with the diameter of 219 ~ 762 mm, and the bending radius is 650 ~ 4500 mm.These bending pipes bended by this machine have many kinds of radius and large variation range. This Equipment has the advantages of reasonable structure, reliable performance, stable running and bending high efficiency,easy operation and so on.

  Below would introduce the principle and composition of rocker arm rotating device in detail:

  Rocker arm rotating device mainly comprises a large slipway, rocker arm, rocker arm driving device, the middle slipway, slewing bearing, small slipway and other components.The whole structure be shown as figure 1.The rocker driving device is installed in the large slipway side, and rocker arm is fixed on the sliding table fixed on the rocker arm through a rotary bearing. The middle slipway be fixed on rocker arm and changes the large slipway and the middle slipway in position.Thus it adjusts the distance between rotation center and center line. It means to adjust the pipe bending radius.when bending,the rocker bears circumferential force and resistance. The rocker arm is driven by a rocker arm device and return rate is 2.2 R / min.

  When Rocker arm rotating device adjusts the bend radius, starts the hydraulic motor, and moves table of the middle slipway. Then chuck center located in the required dimensions, and close hydraulic motor through the slide ruler.Through the gear and rack mechanism, to move the small table, and with a positioning pin small slipway is fixed in the sliding table, then rotate the top thread, and chuck the top tight, finally complete chuck positioning.Start the big table motor, mobile sliding table table, so that the center of the chuck and the guide wheel device is aligned with the center, then close the motor starting motor. When start a clamping oil cylinder, the sliding table worktable be clamped, the worktable ( rocker rotating center position )be located. When bending, rocker driving device does not work, the rocker arm rotating device is driven by a circumferential force and resistance. Rocker arm return is driven by a rocker arm device, when operating, close electromagnetic clutch,and start hydraulic motor,then rocker driving device to drive the rotary device to rotate.The rocker arm back closed hydraulic motors, disconnect the electromagnetic clutch and prepare for the net operation.

  Rocker arm rotating device performance directly determines the precision of pipe size and shape index, therefore, must have enough strength, stiffness, size precision, especially has good rotary accuracy.
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